6 Mistakes to Avoid When Dealing with Viral Infections

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When faced with a viral infection, it’s important to approach it properly to prevent it from worsening and ensure a speedy recovery. In this article, we will discuss six common mistakes people make when dealing with viral infections and provide insights on how to address and treat them effectively.

Mistake #1:

Stopping a Fever Too Quickly There is a common tendency to want to eliminate a fever, especially in children. However, it’s crucial to understand that a fever serves a purpose in fighting off infections. Fever helps reduce the spread of the virus and inhibits its reproduction. It also boosts the production of T killer cells, which are crucial for fighting viruses and even cancer cells. Rather than trying to suppress a fever, it is advisable to keep warm and allow the body’s natural defense mechanisms to work.

Mistake #2:

Taking Antibiotics for a Virus Antibiotics are designed to fight bacterial infections and have no effect on viruses. Taking antibiotics unnecessarily can lead to complications and antibiotic resistance. If an antibiotic is required for another reason, it’s important to take a probiotic simultaneously to preserve beneficial microbes and minimize potential side effects.

Mistake #3:

Over-sanitization Excessive cleanliness and over-sanitization can actually hinder the development of a strong immune system, especially in children. The hygiene hypothesis suggests that exposure to certain microbes helps strengthen immunity. Therefore, avoiding excessive sanitation and allowing some exposure to bacteria can be beneficial for overall immune health.

Mistake #4:

Detoxification during Illness Engaging in detoxification protocols when you are already run down or sick can weaken your immune system and potentially exacerbate the illness. Detoxification processes can release toxins and trigger immune reactions, leading to additional health complications. It is advisable to focus on supporting and nurturing your body during illness rather than engaging in detoxification practices.

Mistake #5:

Overloading the Immune System Taking numerous remedies and supplements simultaneously in an attempt to boost the immune system may not be necessary and can even be counterproductive. It’s important to avoid overwhelming the immune system with an excessive amount of supplements. Instead, focus on essential nutrients like zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, and consider incorporating immune-supporting foods like apple cider vinegar.

Mistake #6:

Suppressing Mucus Suppressing coughs and mucus production can impede the body’s natural defense mechanisms. Coughing and mucus help expel viruses from the body. Suppressing these symptoms can prolong the infection and hinder recovery. Instead, it is advisable to find ways to support mucus drainage and allow productive coughs to aid in clearing the respiratory system.


When dealing with a viral infection, it’s important to approach it wisely. Avoiding common mistakes such as stopping a fever too quickly, taking antibiotics for viral infections, over-sanitization, detoxification during illness, overwhelming the immune system, and suppressing mucus can significantly contribute to a faster recovery and overall well-being. By understanding these mistakes and adopting appropriate strategies, you can effectively address viral infections and support your body’s natural healing processes.

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