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I’m going to recommend that you take a teaspoon of this very specific spice, which will help you a lot with diabetes.
When I say the word (corrected diabetes), I’m actually going to talk about how to eliminate complications of diabetes.

I have written a lot of articles on this topic related to diet and periodic fasting, but today I am only going to tell you about some incredible benefits of this herb – cinnamon. And the type of cinnamon I’m going to recommend is called nylon cinnamon, so the natural chemical in cinnamon that does the heavy lifting is called cinnamaldehyde. And so there are some fascinating studies in it, which I will tell you about below, into which I immersed myself for a couple of hours, and some were simply amazed.
You know that cinnamon is, in fact, the oldest. a spice that has been used in many different cultures.

The health benefits of cinnamon

so what it does is, well, it’s an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, it can kill germs, as well as excessive candida growth in other parts of their body. It also has anti-cancer properties. But the main advantage that I want to talk about is the anti-diabetic effects. It has a powerful anti-diabetic effect.

Cinnamon and diabetes.

The first thing it can do is increase insulin sensitivity

and the second thing it can do is increase glucose sensitivity. Only these two factors will explain all the others, because if we talk about complications of diabetes, there are four main areas of the body. We have kidneys, we have eyes, and we also have a heart, mainly a blood vessel. And then we have a nervous system, your nerves in the lower part of your feet and your fingers begin to lose blood circulation, and they begin to die.

Number three reduces the risk of developing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. If you are going to lower your glucose and insulin levels, you are going to suppress the accumulation of fat in your liver. This way, you’ll have less fat in your liver, which is a cool benefit.

Fourth, it has protective properties for the kidneys. Therefore, if you have high blood sugar and you take cinnamon, it can protect the kidneys from all the problems that arise. I mean, think about the main cause of kidney failure, it’s diabetes. so if you could take something to reduce the side effects, to counteract all this free radical damage, because; think of what diabetes is, you have elevated sugar levels in your body, think of sugar as rust, it oxidizes, it corrodes various parts of your body. So what is a kidney; the kidneys are the filter of your blood, so they become clogged. This is why a diabetic usually has kidney problems, but if you can take something to minimize symptoms, it will be great for extending the life of your kidney.

Number five. I’ve found studies that show it can repair peripheral neuropathy. This is the nerve problem I mentioned earlier, in the lower part of your feet you experience burning, tingling, and pain in your feet. And there is a good remedy that I like to use, called benfotamine and alpha lipoic acid, but you could also use cinnamon.

So, again, what does diabetes do to the nerve? this disrupts blood circulation, blood vessels, capillaries and the nervous system. So, the nerves need blood supply. So that’s what diabetes does: it stops the flow of blood and oxygen to the nerves, and therefore the nerves die. And you start to have all kinds of symptoms.
Cinnamon can help prevent this. Think about what happens if the sugar level rises in your vascular system, you provoke all sorts of inflammatory processes. You let cholesterol enter the artery, you create damage, and then the plaster gets there with calcium and forms plaques. You also get blood clotting. So guess what cinnamon can prevent or protect endothelial cells.

Number seven: it can reduce the risk of developing cataracts. Diabetes is the number one cause of blindness, but diabetes also causes cataracts and glaucoma. And there is a whole list of vision problems that can arise.

Number eight: as you lower your glucose and insulin levels, you will have less accumulation of lipids.

Number 9: less inflammation in your brain. Why? because cinnamon has an anti-inflammatory effect.

How to use cinnamon?

You can add it to your tea, you can drink cinnamon tea, you can add it to your coffee, or you can take it in pill form. It’s a lot of people just taking it as a supplement.
You can also add to different products. As if there is a recipe (fat bomb for cinnamon rolls). that uses some kind of cream cheese and whole whipped cream, as well as butter with cinnamon. this is a great little dessert. Of course we also have cinnamon rolls, you can use them or Cinnamon Toast. And I’m very sarcastic because we don’t recommend it, but anyway; I wanted to raise awareness about this amazing spice that can be used not only for diabetes, but also for insulin resistance, which many people have.

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