10 daily tips for healthy skin

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Many of us may want to have perfect, flawless-looking skin. Usually people go to extremes and spend a lot of money to achieve this. We often look for complex solutions, thinking that this will help solve our complex problems, although the solutions are usually quite simple. Here are 10 tips that we use to shower our skin with love.

  1. Accept and honor above all

Each of us is completely imperfect. We believe that the most important step is to accept ourselves as we are and love our skin so that it loves us in return. We may have freckles, cosmetic blemishes, natural color changes, a dark complexion, a light complexion, or maybe we go out because of hormones because it is “that time of the month”.”Regardless of these things, possess it! This is you, and therefore it is unique and beautiful in its own way. We recommend focusing on what we can control and not sweating over what we can’t.

  1. Feed the cells

Certain vitamin and mineral supplements, according to some, are beneficial for skin.. Others will say that certain ingredients are even better for our skin, such as cucumber, mint, lemon or berries. Here at PUL, we believe that there is not a single compound or small group of products that will help cleanse our skin in the long run. On the contrary, our diet and lifestyle in general is what affects our skin. The healthier, more nutritious and plant-based foods we enjoy, the cleaner our skin can be.

Does that mean we have to be extreme? Not at all! We can still satisfy our hunger and enjoy treats. However, we can notice that when we consume more processed foods that are rich in oil, salt and sugar, our skin tends to peel off more than usual. We strive to keep everything balanced and focus on enjoying generally healthy and nutritious meals and snacks.

  1. Stay hydrated

Our skin’s health is greatly influenced by hydration. Some people may recommend certain detoxifying teas, while others recommend water with vitamins. In the end, plain water on its own or in soups, smoothies and teas is all we need. Drinking enough fluids daily will help prevent dehydration. How much fluid we need depends on our overall lifestyle, so it can be from 9 to 12 cups a day. When we have fluids that we can drink during the day and quench our thirst, we are usually ready to work.

  1. Maintaining intestinal health

Most cosmetic manufacturers try to convince us that our skin problems are an isolated external problem that can be easily eliminated with the product they sell. Keep in mind that there is money to be made in these industries. We recommend that you treat these statements with caution. We sincerely believe that the solution and secret of skin cleansing lies within. An integral part of skin health is gut health, which means it’s important to have a healthy gut and poop. We can help our intestines stay satisfied by eating foods high in fiber, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. We can also try probiotics from vegetable yogurts or fermented foods. Of course, hydration and the pleasure of regular movements also help maintain movement.

  1. Have a good sweat

Sweating and regular exercise can help improve our overall complexion. Not to mention that it’s a fantastic way to relax! Movement increases blood flow, which helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to our skin. This process can also help remove waste from our skin and other organs.

  1. Reduce Stress

Stress may have an impact on us physically as well as cognitively.. The same goes for our skin! When we feel stressed here at PUL, we like to think about what things we can control to control our stress levels. This can be spending time in nature, getting support from a certified consultant, communicating with family and friends, or just enjoying a cup of hot tea. Whatever the stressor, we recommend taking the time to identify what it is and figure out how best to support ourselves to reduce some of the stress in our lives. Our skin (and common sense) will thank us later.

  1. Keep the products simple

In our experience, we found that it was not necessary to use a variety of products. This may include the use of various day and night creams, cleansers, cleansers, makeup removers and scrubs. Of course, all people are different, and this may not be the case for each of us.

When choosing products, we can consider one thing – try to find products with fewer artificial ingredients. Using products with more natural ingredients can help reduce the blockage of our pores and reduce the likelihood of acne. An example of a possible replacement could be replacing a makeup remover with coconut oil. We can apply a small amount of coconut oil on a cotton pad and use it to remove makeup around the eyes.

  1. Let him breathe

Whenever possible, we try to cleanse our skin of products to minimize the clogging of pores and possible reactions between our skin and the products we use. Sometimes, when we apply many layers of the product to the skin, we notice that our skin flakes more than usual.

Professional advice: regardless of whether we have applied makeup or not, there are many benefits to washing your face every night. We want our skin to be able to breathe when we sleep, and this can be optimized by removing dirt that accumulates on our face during the day.

  1. Gentle peeling

Exfoliating every 2-3 days or so is an easy way to gently exfoliate dead skin or dirt on our skin. To do this, we can use an exfoliating napkin, which does not need to be refined. A simple one, bought for a few dollars, usually works just fine. Keep in mind that exfoliating more than 2-3 times a week can irritate our skin, causing it to redden and become lumpy.

  1. Give it time

The skin is not cleaned at night. In fact, it can never be fully clarified! In a world where we are constantly surrounded by photoshopped and filtered photos, it can be difficult not to have high expectations on our skin. In general, if we find a product or procedure that suits us and stick to it, we can notice changes in our complexion. With time and love shared with our skin, she will definitely send some love back.

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Nothing complicated and nothing that could break the bank is required. Healthy skin comes first of all from the inside. When we turn our attention outward, our attention can be focused on minimizing the amount of unnecessary things we put on our skin. Simplicity makes wallets happy and skin happy!

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