13 Symptoms Your Body Needs More Nutrients

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vitamin deficiencies

Causes of nutrient deficiency.

We are going to talk about 13 signs that your body lacks nutrients. Nutrient deficiencies do not necessarily mean that you do not consume these nutrients from your diet. There are other reasons why you may be deficient, one of them is a lack of stomach acid, if you don’t have enough acid, you won’t be able to absorb minerals as well, because certain minerals need a certain pH to be absorbed, especially substances such as calcium and iron.
Another way to have a deficiency is if you have problems with the gallbladder, or you do not have it, or you have a bile deficiency, so then no matter how many fat-soluble vitamins you take, such as vitamins A, D, E and K, without

this bio it can not get into the body.

Another reason why people suffer from a deficiency is that their mucous membrane is damaged. This is called a malabsorption problem, and the surface of your small intestine simply does not receive nutrients. You may have taken antibiotics, had an infection, or consumed a lot of junk food in the past, but your small intestine needs to absorb at least 90% of all your nutrients.

Another reason you may be deficient is because you consume refined carbohydrates, refined sugar or alcohol, or take medications such as metformin that break down vitamin B12 stores.
Another way to become inferior is through stress. Stress leads to depletion of zinc, vitamin B1, calcium, magnesium and many other nutrients. Okay, anyway, let’s dive right into the gist.

Symptoms of nutrient deficiency.

The first sign I’m going to talk about is the fibrocystic form of the breast, which means that small cysts develop on the breast or ovaries, which is a classic iodine deficiency. When you are low in iodine, you no longer have the buffer function of estrogen. Without iodine, estrogen levels can rise too high, which will lead to the formation of cysts and other problems. I mean, you can have cysts even in the thyroid gland. Thus, iodine is a really good trace element that helps regulate estrogen levels, and seaweed is one of the best sources of iodine.

Okay, number two, dry eyes. This is a classic vitamin A deficiency. Without vitamin A, your mucous membranes dry out, and this can also happen in your mouth. You can add” dry mouth “or”dry eyes”. Animal products are the finest source of vitamin A.. Not all plants contain a precursor to the active form of vitamin A called retinol. So this carotene has to be converted into retinol for it to really work, and unfortunately you only get about three percent conversion, so if you don’t consume animal products, you can easily get vitamin A deficiency.

Red cheeks are next in line. Okay, like rosacea, it’s usually a digestive problem. There is an imbalance of microflora in your intestines, and this also creates an imbalance of microflora on your skin, but as for nutrient deficiency, it will be a lack of B vitamins, because your microbes produce vitamins, and B vitamins protect the skin, especially vitamin B3. If you have vitamin B3 deficiency, you have all kinds of skin problems, from dermatitis to all kinds of inflammatory diseases, and it was acne, all kinds of things, but if you see a person with red cheeks, suspect that he has something wrong with the intestines, and he needs to take a good probiotic or eat foods that contain natural microbes, such as sauerkraut or kimchi.

The next one I’m going to discuss is a combination of three symptoms: shortness of breath, pale appearance, and fatigue; this is classic anemia. The main nutrient for overcoming anemia is iron. But also vitamin B12 and folic acid. This is another thing where you can have a nutritional deficiency if you have a genetic mutation. They are currently testing your DNA and finding all kinds of weaknesses in your DNA, and there is a certain gene that regulates the activation of folic acid and vitamin B12, and if there is a problem with this gene, you have anemia, you will have a lot of problems if you stop taking the natural form of vitamin B12. In addition to fullness, and this is another note, you may also have anemia if you have stomach problems because you do not produce hydrochloric acid, or if you have some intestinal problems, which simply prevent you from absorbing nutrients.

Number five: twist the hairs on your skin. So, what is it, if you look closely, sometimes you need to put a small magnifying glass on the skin, and you will see that these little hairs are collected in the form of small corkscrews, okay, and most often there will be a red dot where they come from. This is one of the main symptoms of vitamin C deficiency
There are other symptoms of vitamin C deficiency, such as bleeding gums and extreme fatigue, and interestingly, the chemical composition of vitamin C is very similar to the chemical composition of glucose sugar, so Guess Who benefits if you consume both. Not vitamin C, but sugar. And so you are going to block the absorption of vitamin C.
So, people who consume a lot of sugar usually show signs of vitamin C deficiency, but remember that the little hairs on your skin that stick out like a corkscrew are a classic vitamin C deficiency. If you are going to solve this problem, I strongly advise you not to use a synthetic version of vitamin C-aspartic acid. I would use a whole complex vitamin C, which is actually obtained from something like food or grass.

Sixth: abdominal fat. This is not necessarily a vitamin deficiency, but there is a common deficiency associated with abdominal fat. You see, abdominal fat is formed when the liver is fat, and you have an outflow of fat from the liver around the organs and abdomen, which creates a bulging effect. So, one of the really good ways to get rid of liver fat is to start taking choline, which belongs to the family of B vitamins, and, of course, eat ketogenic food. You can get rid of literally 50% of liver fat in two weeks by following a ketogenic diet.

Number seven, if you want ice cream, fine, or if you see someone chewing ice cream, he needs iron. You have iron that is well absorbed; this is called biologically valuable iron from animal products; and then you have a non-heme version of this iron that is more difficult to digest in plants, such as spinach, for example, so if someone just eats plants and does not eat anything from animal products, they may have an iron deficiency and start chewing ice cream; they may also develop anemia.

Scaling planking skin is number eight. Sometimes it looks like a rash around the nose, and sometimes it can be anywhere on the face. The face may be slightly oily, but there is this flaky skin, which is a classic deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids. This person should start consuming more vegetable oil or fish oil and start avoiding omega-6 fatty acids, which are found in corn oil, soybean oil, and all these fried foods served in restaurants.

Number nine loss of taste or sense of smell is primarily zinc deficiency. It can also be due to a virus that destroys the nerves in your sinuses, but if we talk about nutrition, then it will be a zinc deficiency, and the best source of zinc is shellfish such as oysters. You can also get zinc from red meat and liver.

number ten If you have this symmetrical rash on your shins or arms or even a chain-like rash, it is a symptom of pellagra, which is a vitamin B3 deficiency. If someone consumes too much corn, which is actually found in many foods, such as corn chips, tortillas, and even fructose corn syrup, you can develop a very serious vitamin B3 deficiency, because there is practically no vitamin B3 in corn, so if you eat a lot of it, you will be deficient in this nutrient and you will develop dermatitis, but it will manifest itself in a symmetrical pattern if your feet, shins or hands.,
Number 11. So, a person has a red swollen glassy tongue. This is a deficiency of vitamin B12. There are also other factors related to B12. You may have a genetic mutation that causes a problem with vitamin B12; you may have stomach problems; you may have a lack of hydrochloric acid; you may have problems with the small intestine; you simply do not eat animal products because you can only get vitamin B12 from animal products.

numb or burning feet at number 12 indicates a deficiency of B1, which usually occurs due to a high-carbohydrate diet, or, if a person is diabetic, depletes excess sugar B1, and then your body cannot produce something called myelin, which surrounds the nerves, and you begin to experience strange neurological symptoms in the lower abdomen. your leg. It can be numbness, such as tingling, burning, or pain. This is a deficiency of vitamin B1. What you need to do is take a powerful form of vitamin B1 in a fat-soluble form called benfotiamine. This will get rid of this symptom, and then you will also have to change your diet.

Number 13: if your eyes start to run, it is not controlled by the muscles, and you can see it more often in younger children, but it can also happen in people who drink a lot of alcohol or eat a lot of junk food, as this is another example of B1 deficiency.

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